Three Species Angling Competition

I have just returned from the popular yearly Three Species Angling Competition on Loskop Dam. This year the competition drew 1 486 competitors - the biggest number in six years - and there were between 500 and 600 boats on this beautiful dam. The competition also celebrated its eighteenth birthday this year.

Bella Honeyborne and her team definitely deserve to be complimented on the manner in which they run this competition. The same applies the people of Forever Resorts for their excellent cooperation.

A report on the competition will soon be published in Tight Lines.

This month our magazine offers a good collection of articles to anglers. Our contributors cover everything, from kite fishing, saltwater angling and artlure to catching big carp and fly-fishing. Also remember that our magazine is now available in electronic format at a very reasonable price.

Happy reading an keep those lines in the water!

Ettiene Kriel
Tight Lines

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