Full Field for Loskop Marathon Series

The Forever Resorts Loskop Series, comprising of the traditional Loskop Marathon and the ever popular 21.1km Forever Resorts Wild Challenge, which is taking place on Saturday 16 April 2016, has been fully subscribed on its closing date on 11 March 2016.

“As we are celebrating the 30th run of the Loskop Ultra Marathon and the 10th run of the Wild Challenge this year we expect some of Southern Africa’s top athletes to participate” said Hein Koch - Race Director. The Loskop Ultra is a Comrades Marathon qualifying event and has a similar overall profile to that of The Comrades. Koch further mentioned “The expletives expressed on Varaday’s at Loskop mirror the cursings muttered under limited breath on Polly Shorts. This makes the Loskop Marathon an attractive challenge to both the elite and the run-of-the-pack competitor preparing for Comrades”.

“The Loskop Ultra normally only allows for 3500 athletes and the 21.1km for 1 500 runners, but we have allowed for over subscription this year and currently have 87 more entries on the 50km and 107 more entries on the 21.1km.

Although the first Loskop Marathon was run in 1979, it started off as a shorter 46km Ultra and only in 1987 was changed to a 50km Ultra run. This was also the first year that the marathon ended at Loskopdam, A Forever Resort. The 21.1km Wild Challenge was then introduced in 2007 and the Rhino Fun Run in 2013.

The 50km Forever Resorts Loskop Marathon, is a favourite amongst seasoned road running athletes. The start, in Middelburg, takes place in the Highveld at an altitude of 1540 metres above sea level and ends in the Lowveld at an altitude of 930 metres above sea level.

The 21.1km Forever Resorts Wild Challenge will be run through the scenic Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, which should not only offer a challenging and picturesque route, but also offers a “wild” experience that will tempt athletes to want to return for more year after year. This half marathon has constantly been rated a favourite amongst the trail runners.

Entries for both events are closed and athletes with enquiries can contact the marathon administrative office on Tel: (013) 243-2683 or Cell: 060 358 8546.

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