Upgrade: The Hydro at Warmbaths

On a very cold afternoon, 26 May 2011, Bela Bela witnessed the opening of the newly built health treatment wing of the Hydro at Forever Resorts Warmbaths. In 1979 Kobus Tait, managing director of Forever Resorts South Africa, witnessed the official opening of the Hydro, and it was yet again an exciting moment for Kobus to be part of the official opening of the newly built extension of the health treatment centre.

Tom Biewenga, general manager of Forever Resorts Warmbaths, had the honour of welcoming and introducing Dr. Rex Maughan, Chief Group Executive of Forever Resorts, who cut the red ribbon and declared the health treatment centre open to the public.


I love South Africa and its wonderful people

Dr. Rex Maughan recently visited all the Forever Resorts properties in South Africa. During his visit he also spent some quality time with Forever Living Products distributors at a three-day conference in Cape Town.

“There are more than 45 000 Forever Living Products distributors in 145 countries. I recently returned from an event in Austria where I met with 11 000 of our top producers, and everywhere I go South Africa is at the top of the list of places to be visited. You have beautiful mountain ranges, exquisite wild life, a vibrant culture, and a wealth of heritage, something you will not find anywhere else in the world. South Africans are great people and great pioneers. You do things no one has done before,” said Dr. Maughan.

It’s amazing what water can do

Dr. Maughan grew up in Idaho, an American state known for its soda-springs. “Everywhere you step there are carbonated springs bubbling up. As children we would fill bottles with the carbonated water and place caps on them to keep the bubbles in,” said Dr. Maughan.

Approximately 80 miles from where Rex grew up, in Yellow Stone National Park, there are many hot springs. Some of these springs have geysers, like “Old Faithful”, that shoot heated water up to a few hundred feet into the air. “I grew up thinking that every boy had a geyser or soda-spring in his back yard. I am marvelled at the healing power of water and I like it when I see water bubbling out of the earth. I am excited about God’s gift - the beautiful hot spring resorts like Warmbaths, Badplaas, and Thsipise. It is amazing what water can do, and I trust that you will be visiting this beautiful spa-retreat and its beautiful people often.”

Forever Resorts is simply the best

History tells us that Warmbaths was discovered in 1929, after a local tribe discovered the healing properties of the warm spring. This hot spring underwent major operations in the 60’s and Warmbaths was established as a health-spa retreat. Forever Resorts Warmbaths recently won the AA award (Resort with varied accommodation) at Indaba 2011, and this prestigious facility continues to contribute to the health of the South African community. Warmbaths has a state of the art hydro facility and highly qualified personnel, making it one of the best health spa facilities in South Africa.

“It is humbling to see the commitment of the Warmbaths staff and outside contractors, and I am very proud to be part of this team. Forever Resorts is favoured by tourists in South Africa and the rest of the world – our places are simply the best. We don’t have problems that more visitors won’t take care of. The power of Forever is the power of love,” added Dr. Maughan.

Look great, feel great

Inside the newly refurbished Hydro guests will experience more privacy while they enjoy the latest health treatments with a whole new spectrum of health benefits. The new treatment centre is a true reflection of everything expected when comfort, privacy, hygiene, and health comes to mind. Built at the source of the hot mineral spring, the Hydro is proud to offer a wide variety of treatments incorporating the healing mineral-rich spring water.

Treatments at the Hydro includes:

Massage Therapy

• Swedish Massage

• Lomi Lomi Massage

• Hot Stone Therapy

• Indian Head Massage

• Reflex Foot Massage

• Scalp Massage

• Circular Leg Complex (Aroma therapeutic complex to improve circulation)


The old sauna was replaced with a new Infra Red model which ads a whole list of health and hygiene benefits to the health equation.

Mineral Tubs with Tub enhancers

Body therapies

• Mud & Clay Cocoons

• Various body scrubs and wraps

Facial treatments

• Introduction Facials

• Spa Facials

• Luxury Spa Facials

Hands and Feet treatments

• Manicures and Pedicures

• Hydro hands and feet treatments


• Legs & Arms

• Lips & Eyebrows

• Bikini and G-string lines

Most of the treatments at the Hydro are combined into one, two, and three-day spa treatment packages and even accommodates sessions for couples.

The Hydro is only closed on Christmas and New Year’s day. Other than that it is open to the public to be enjoyed all year round.

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